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GTA IV to SA Official Trailer
The project as i said before is called GTA IV to SA, near 1/2 of Broker is fully converted, the mod till now is pretty stable and doesnt have even 1 bug, i played it 1 hour long without crash.

This is an official Trailer from our project, as you see it in here, it will look like that in your machine, the mod doesnt need a high performance PC to run, a pretty mid-class computer will run it without problems, just set the draw distance low so it doesnt have to draw so much models.
It runs Smoothly in Video couse well i make em in my PC and my PC is high end performance but it will work for you for sure!

We are making everything the most near to IV, GTA SA has a big potential.
DONT ASK FOR MY ENB SETTINGS!!Will come included in MOD!!
DONT ASK FOR NIKO!!!Its unique!!

Ok, got the Link;
-Here is it;
(removed couse i realised is a damn awful early beta i uploaded near in december, incomplete and all shitty, and i wont let my mod gets fked with bad comments about it, so the people to find the link donwload it and test it, but well is all buggy and if you make a video if you dont give credits to use and try to make an stealing video, its getting removed, already removed 3 in this hour)

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1. BertieorBirdie  (17.01.2012 в 15:26)
That hits the target perefclty. Thanks!